Passenger and Guest safety has always been a priority at All Around Charters & Tours. As the Corona Virus pandemic evolved it was on the top of the list to figure out what extra cleaning and sanitation protocols needed to be done. After a lot of research into what other companies in our industry were doing we were able to purchase an Ultra Low Volume fogging machine that can penetrate every nook and cranny of our coaches, along with dispersion through the air circulation system. Environmental cleaning plays a key role in preventing the spread of contagious pathogens.


The solution we use in the coaches is Aquaox Disinfectant 275. This is a zero hazard electro-statically charged solution that is a FDA approved sanitizer, USDA certified organic and made in the USA. This solution is proven to sanitize surfaces without negatively impacting human health or having harsh chemicals. Very detailed information about the solution, including spec sheets, chemical compounds and how it works, are available upon request. Please visit our YouTube channel to see our coach detailing video.